Apps I Use: DayOne Journaling

Apps I Use: DayOne Journaling


DayOne is a daily journaling app that makes for easy digital journal keeping. This awesome app is available in the app store for all Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With a simple layout and easy to use and convenient features, in addition to its bright and beautiful design, this app is the top journaling app on the market today.


DayOne allows you to:

  • Add images to accompany your journal entry
  • Tag your entries to make them more accessible and easier to search
  • Automatically track your location and when you’re writing so that you can look back and know when and where you were when you wrote that specific entry
  • Track the weather, so you will know why you were so grumpy in that one journal entry you wrote on that 99 degree day in July.
  • Choose whether you were stationary, walking, running, biking, in a plane, car, train, or eating while you were writing – though I’m not sure anyone is good enough of a multi-tasker to journal while riding a bike!
  • Use the Map tab to see a graph of all of your writing locations on a map for you to see


There are no rules to DayOne, it can be used for any kind of journaling! The great thing about such a versatile and easy to use journaling app, is that you can use it for almost anything you desire.

  • Personal journal
  • Travel diary
  • Work log
  • Hobbyist’s collection record
  • Workout log
  • Dietary journal
  • Field notes
  • Spiritual chronicle
  • Idea log


DayOne also offers a service in which you can order a physical copy of your journal. This makes it possible to conserve these memories and have a physical relic that could be passed down through your family, much like any traditional journal.


DayOne can serve as a great way to get yourself out of a writing funk. With the help of this app, you can start a daily writing practice. For instance, a poem a day, or perhaps a prompt a day. Through this app you can easily commit to a certain amount of writing each day and make it easy to organize that writing practice.


DayOne recently updated its pricing practices and has switched to a yearly subscription for $50 per year. With the premium version of the app, you have unlimited journals, unlimited images per entry, and a cloud drive so that your journal can be accessible on any of your devices.


The free version of the app is still fantastic, though the perks are lessened. With the free version of DayOne you are limited to just one journal, along with only one image per journal entry, and no cloud space, which means your journals are only available on one device.


Regardless of whether you choose to go premium or stay with the free version, this app provides an amazing overall experience. If you’ve always wanted to journal, but have never been able to make the commitment, DayOne can help you finally make the leap.


I love this app for any and all of my daily musings, or just as a record for something important that may have happened that day that I do not want to forget. I cannot recommend this app more to anyone who is looking for a great way to express themselves, while also preserving precious memories or information.

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