Apps I Use: Flume

Apps I Use: Flume

Flume offers its users a “beautiful Instagram experience” from their own desktop. Instagram, which originally started off as a simple photo sharing app, has grown in the past years to be one of the biggest social media platforms around. Now owned by Facebook, the app has added a selection of features and extensions that make it useful to a variety of users. There’s only one problem: Instagram is not exactly desktop friendly. In a world of mobility, and handheld computers (you know, that thing we call a “cellphone”) it is a common occurrence that an app only be available on mobile. This is a huge inconvenience for anyone wishing to use that particular app on their desktop.

With the help of Flume, you can scroll through your Instagram feed on your desktop or laptop. The app pops up in a conveniently sized column on the side of your stream and has swift and easy scrolling options to glide through all of your followed content. You can either view your feed one post at a time, or on a grid format.

You may ask why you can’t just use the Instagram website to do this exact thing. While the Instagram website does a similar job, Flume offers images in higher quality—I have found that it can be relatively hard to get high quality “Insta-images” from their official website. Flume also positions itself in a convenient place on the side of the screen, rather than in a separate window. Flume offers a more “live” experience than the Instagram webpage, which you would have to flip to to access.

Flume is free to download, and you can simply log in using your own Instagram account—it takes just seconds—unless you’re like me and forget your passwords constantly!

There are also premium features on Flume that are included with a one-time payment. This is called “Flume Pro.”

Flume Pro allows your Flume app to host multiple accounts. In addition to your feed, Flume Pro also supports Instagram’s other features; such as chat, activity, search, explore, profile, and likes. You can even upload photos, videos, carousel posts, and your saved drafts using Flume Pro.

Flume is definitely not a necessity, as most everyone who has access to a cellphone also has the option to access Instagram. However, it is a fun way to access your Instagram account, and can definitely upgrade your “Insta-experience.” If you try out Flume and really enjoy it, maybe consider upgrading to Pro! It could very well be worth it if you already enjoy the apps free features.

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