Apps I Use: Scannable & Camscanner

Apps I Use: Scannable & Camscanner


As I’ve said before, because we have so many international and remote clients, most all of our business transactions occur online and in a digital format. This is meant to make life easier, as everything we could ever need is in the cloud, and we don’t have to worry about losing any pesky loose sheets of paper. However, on the off chance that we do receive a loose item; such as a business card, contract, photos, or notes; we are quickly able to cleanly scan these items to the cloud with the press of a button. There is no need for an “old fashioned” scanner. Each day something new seems to come out in the world of technology and replace whatever came the day before, soon my iPhone 6S Plus will be “old-fashioned” and out of date! All of this is thanks to two very easy to use apps:


Scannable is an app that is accessible through Apple devices (sorry, Android and PC users!), and makes it possible to scan clean copies of all of your photos, documents, receipts, business cards, and other loose paper items. With Scannable you are able to:

    • Quickly convert images into scanned documents that are cropped and enhanced.
    • Edit, share, and print scanned images. I’ve found this is incredibly helpful when I need to share a document with a client that I only have a single hard copy of.
    • Turn business cards directly into contacts. All you have to do is scan the card and like magic you can create contacts from the image.  
    • Upload scanned images straight to your Evernote cloud or other online server. For my fellow die-hard Evernote fans, this is amazing for us!


Scannable is free to download and use for anyone with an applicable device. This factor makes it an ideal app to use with clients, who may not wish to purchase any apps during our time working together.


Camscanner is another scanning app that is available on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Camscanner does a similar job to that which Scannable does, but is more widely available. With Camscanner you are able to:

    • Take an image with your phone to create a cleanly scanned image
    • Use OCR (optical character recognition) to convert your scanned images into editable text documents.
    • Export your images in JPG or PDF format.
    • Share scanned images via text or email.
    • Access scanned files online at or in the app.


A basic account with Camscanner is free, and allows for 200 MB of cloud space, this is good for those who would be using Camscanner for personal scanning. However, this may not be enough space for businesses that may have hundreds of scanned images coming in each day. A premium account costs 4.99/month or 49.99/year. This premium account allows 10 G of space, unlimited folders, and is totally ad-free.


It is apps like these that help companies go paperless! As you know, we are huge advocates for sustainability at Writing It Right For You, so when we discovered these useful apps we were ecstatic.


Scannable and Camscanner have saved me unmeasurable time and money. These apps may even convince you to ditch your heavy, space consuming scanner and use what you’ve got in the palm of your hand. I would highly recommend trying out both of these apps and utilizing them in your everyday routine.

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