Apps I Use: Todoist

Apps I Use: Todoist

One app we have quickly fallen in love with at Your Business, Your Brand, Creatively is “Todoist.”

Todoist makes work and life easier by helping us stay organized, and as you know, we love to be organized. The app is based on a selection of “to-do” lists, which can be sorted into different categories you can make as fit to your own personal needs and schedules. Rather than having tons of loose sheets of paper lying around your desk with notes about what you need to get done, you can have it all in one place by using Todoist.

This app can be used on most all platforms—including web, desktop, and mobile. That means you can access it whether you’re a loyal Mac user, PC user, or Chrome user!

Stress is greatly reduced when you are able to organize all of your thoughts and tasks in one organized place.

Todoist is not just a long stream of tasks. On all platforms of the app different folders and labels are available for each task, as well as different ways of organization. You can organize by color, by priority, by due date, by folder, or by project. You can also link your Todoist lists with other users, so that projects and tasks can be managed among groups!

Each morning Todoist sends you your morning round up of what tasks you have due that day, and what tasks may be overdue. This helps prepare you for the day of work you have ahead of you, leaving you with no surprises when you sit down to get some work done that day.

Todoist is very straightforward and simple to use, while still keeping you organized and on schedule.

Also, we can’t forget how very satisfying it is to get to place a big check mark or “X” on a task when it is finished!

The basic version of Todoist is FREE, but there are also Business and Premium options available to upgrade your experience even further!

Todoist Premium is less than $3/month, around $29/year.

With Todoist Business, it is possible to conduct team task management and collaboration on all devices! You can try this for a 30 day free trial.

Download Todoist on your devices or simply check out their website for more information on how you can turn your “To-Do” into “Done!”

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