Apps I Use: Zoom

Apps I Use: Zoom

With Zoom Video Conferencing, you can join a meeting or host a meeting at any time, anywhere (with wifi of course)! Similar to Skype, Zoom is based on video calls and messaging. However, unlike Skype, it is made specifically for businesses and entrepreneurial settings. Since so many things are web-based now, from our grocery shopping to our entertainment, it only makes sense that our businesses participate in the same kind of conversion.

At Your Business, Your Brand, Creatively and Detroit Ink Publishing, we work with clients and staff all around the globe, and most all of the work we do is web-based. This means that it isn’t so easy to have a face-to-face meeting. That is where Zoom comes into play. Zoom makes it possible for us to easily communicate with our team and clients whenever we need to.

Zoom offers a number of plans at different costs, depending on your needs as a business owner and entrepreneur:

Basic $0

Pro $14/month per host

Business $19.99/month per host (minimum 10 hosts)

Enterprise $19.99/month per host (minimum 100 hosts)

To clarify, a “host” is the person with the license to the plan, a “participant” is someone who is invited to attend a meeting. Depending on which plan you choose, you can have a certain number of “hosts” which can be utilized by your staff!

Zoom also offers a number of add-on plans, events, and conferences for its users. One example of this is the “Webinar.” A “Webinar” is exactly what it sounds like: a seminar, over the web! At a Webinar, 100 users can participate in a live event, communicating with an unlimited audience. This feature is $54.99/month if you want 100 attendees.

When you host a meeting, you can do so with video on or off, or you can simply screen share with the other participant(s).

This app can be accessed on desktop, laptop, and mobile. So, it can be used pretty much anywhere!

Which Zoom plan you choose is totally up to you and your needs for your business and clients. Some may find that they don’t need anything more than the personal meetings that are available with the free Basic plan, while others may not be sure how their company could operate without the Enterprise plan that offers them 100 hosts and 200 participants.

Your Zoom plan can be cancelled at any time. However, we doubt you’ll want to cancel it, as it really does make communication much more simple and organized!

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