Apps I Use: RescueTime

Apps I Use: RescueTime

Time. It seems we never have enough. I know that I am constantly checking my watch, searching for a few extra minutes that don’t exist! I’m sure you can all agree: there are not enough hours in the day. This is especially true when you run your own business as a freelancer or a solo professional.


Though there is no way to increase the number of seconds, minutes, hours in the day — one could only dream! There is a way to optimize the use you get out of every millisecond of your day.


I enjoy using an app called “RescueTime,” which is a web based application that keeps track of all of your online and offline activities. This app has proven through its many features to be a total life and time saver.


The RescueTime app says that it will help you “find your ideal work-life balance,” and I have found that to be overwhelmingly true.


The app runs seamlessly in the background on your Mac or PC computer, and is also available on all of your devices including iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. For someone who works on more than one device, as I do, the fact that RescueTime keeps track of every device you’re working on, and every gadget you have, all at the same time is a big plus.


When you’re busy working all day, it is very disruptive to have to interrupt your workflow and write down what you’ve done or to try to remember at the end of the day what happened with all of your projects and activities. With RescueTime, you can review every single website and installed application that you use all day long, and the app even allows you to manually add activities that are offline so that you get a more accurate picture of your day.


To really track your productivity, RescueTime also allows you to set your goals for different activities, and lets you know when you are on distracting websites.


The RescueTime app comes offers two basic pricing options: RescueTime Lite and RescueTime Premium.


RescueTime Lite helps you:

  • Track time in websites and applications
  • Set goals
  • Get a weekly email report
  • 3 month report history


RescueTime Premium, which is priced at $9 a month, or $72 a year (after a 14 day free trial) allows you to do everything offered by Lite but also:

  • Track time away from the computer
  • Get alerts when you achieve your daily goals
  • Block distracting websites to stay focused
  • Keep a log of your daily accomplishments
  • More detailed reports and filters
  • Faster data processing
  • Unlimited report history


If you have a large team or organization, larger packages are available.


It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and searching for time to get all of your projects done. RescueTime really will rescue you and your time, and help you optimize how you do business. If you are looking for an easy to use, highly accurate, productivity-boosting, web application I would recommend that you try the RescueTime app.


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