The Benefits of Using Evernote: Basic and Plus

The Benefits of Using Evernote: Basic and Plus

With everything being totally rooted in technology and online, and the days of hard copies far behind us, it’s easy to lose track of files in the technological abyss. You may find yourself saving a document to your computer only to never see it again, as it gets lost in your downloads. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of Evernote, you can make sure that your files and important documents are organized, saved forever, and never forgotten.


When you organized, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish, but sometimes getting organized is harder than it sounds. That’s why Evernote is there to help pick up the slack and boost your organization and productivity.


Evernote is a web-based app that lets you create, organize, and share notes with all of your networks — friends, family, clients, and coworkers: notes that will last forever.


By using a simple and easy-to-use system of “tags,” “notes,” and “notebooks,” Evernote keeps all of your files just the way you like and need them: organized and accessible.  A few different versions of Evernote are available. Two that we will be talking about today are Evernote Basic, and Evernote Plus.


Evernote Basic

With Basic you can…

  • Upload up to 60 MB every month, which can be accessed across two synced devices.
  • Save webpages, images, and other file types.
  • Share and collaborate on notes across your networks with friends, clients, and coworkers.
  • Search images for text.
  • Secure your Evernote with a passcode lock.
  • Communicate with clients and work associates over in app Work Chat.


Evernote Plus

When you upgrade to Plus you can do everything with the Basic Level,  plus

  • Upload 16x more (that’s 1GB of new uploads every month).
  • Access your Evernote on unlimited devices.
  • Access your notes even when you’re offline.
  • Connect with customer support over email.
  • Save important emails into notes.


You can start now with Evernote Basic for FREE or get to work with Evernote Plus for just $34.99 per year.


Start taking notes with Evernote and you’ll soon find the way you work, online and off, totally transformed.  


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