CoSchedule: organizing you and your business

CoSchedule: organizing you and your business

The most basic thing someone can do to get organized is put everything down on a to-do-list, calendar, or workflow. Without such devices, it would be nearly impossible to get anything done. At least, that is how it is for us, here at Your Business, Your Brand, Creatively. Whether you are a classic wall calendar hanger, a planner user, or a bullet journal-er, it can be easy to get overwhelmed—even with consistent color coding and sticky note use.

These days there appears to be nothing more important when promoting your business than utilizing every form of social media platform and promotion available to you. But once you’ve gotten all of your pages set up, what then? You’ve perfectly formed your mini bio, your profile picture and header are in high definition and eye catching, your contacts have been synced. Everything seems to be perfectly in place. But quickly things may become overwhelming. How do you manage anywhere from three to ten social media profiles all at once?

That’s where CoSchedule comes in.

Here at Your Business, Your Brand, Creatively we utilize a number of social media platforms for thorough communication and promotion with our clients. CoSchedule helps us schedule posts to keep our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and our Websites ( and up-to-date. As it can link to WordPress, we can easily edit and post to our websites directly from CoSchedule.

One particularly handy tool, and one of our personal favorites at Your Business, Your Brand, Creatively, on CoSchedule is their “ReQueue” option. ReQueue makes it possible to schedule a post on a platform, such as Facebook, and set it up to “ReQueue” to repost itself multiple times. This is helpful because it ensures that our content will be reached by a larger audience, as it is posted multiple times, and not just one single time. This feature gives you a list of all of your ReQueues and how many each post has left, as well as a list of archived ReQueues. ReQueue helps your pages stay active, and keeps your clients in the loop with the latest in your business. In all honesty, we would pay $60/month just for this feature!

CoSchedule’s “Analytics” tool gives you real data about the effectiveness of your CoSchedule use, and helps you make decisions based on that data. Here you can find the impressions that your posts make, how many people are being reached, and at what time of day. This information can help you plan which days are best for posting and at what times. Ultimately, making your posts more effective and ensuring that your posts make the biggest impact they can.

The best part about CoSchedule by far is how user-friendly it is. At Your Business, Your Brand, Creatively we have used many different apps and are always looking for the most innovative, yet user-friendly ones to use. Oftentimes, apps like these can cause more work, rather than simplify things like they seem to always promise. However, CoSchedule always seems to pull through with its innovative extensions, as well as simplicity for the user. CoSchedule could be used by any amateur, but ensures that everything you use it for appears professional.

You can take your workflow, social media, and promotion to the next level by using CoSchedule! You may even find yourself unsure of how you got anything done before using this amazing app. 

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