Many people seek the services of a business consultant and coach when they would like help growing their businesses. When you work with the YB2C team, you can:


  • Develop and improve your business skills and knowledge in the areas of strategy, planning, and problem solving.
  • Design or refine your business model or marketing plan to help you determine which marketing techniques are right for your business and how to use those techniques.
  • Develop an effective project management plan, including what software and apps would work best for your business.
  • Create success by improving your time-management skills, eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors (including procrastination and distractions), finding clarity, enhancing decision-making, and putting your ideas and plans into action.


When you are ready to invest in the growth of your business through the customized, one-on-one consulting and coaching services offered by the YB2C team, you can choose a three-month, six-month, nine-month, or twelve-month program. YB2C Consulting will help you improve your business, processes, and systems and add value to your company. During each month of your program, you will have two hours of face-to-face or phone coaching sessions and one hour’s worth of various tasks.  


Investing in the services of a business consultant will save you time and effort by helping you to focus on the most important elements for successfully growing your business.


  • A mutually agreed-upon contract based on a customized proposal will be signed prior to program initiation.
  • Additional services (copywriting, web/blog design and maintenance, social media marketing) are available at an additional cost.  
  • Monthly payment plans are available.
Three Month
Consulting Package
$1,350.00 ($450/month)
Six Month
Consulting Package
$2,700.00 ($450/month)
Nine Month
Consulting Package
$4,050.00 ($450/month)
Twelve Month
Consulting Package
$5,400.00 ($450/month)