Since our official start, we have produced a weekly show that primarily focuses on real-life entrepreneurs and freelancers, mostly from Detroit, but also from about the United States and from other parts of the world. During each episode, we learn about our guests, their businesses, and most importantly, their journeys to entrepreneurship, including their successes and challenges. Bringing this information to our listeners every week is a joy and we are building an awesome and close-knit community of independent entrepreneurs and freelancers.

“YB2C” is the acronym of the name of our third company, Your Business Your Brand Creatively, through which we work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative and solo professionals, and small business owners with their branding, marketing, and communications projects. Keith and I are both writers (nonfiction and fiction) and editors, and Keith is also a musician and a journalist, and I am also a publisher and marketer.

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