Work Habits: Mise En Place

Work Habits: Mise En Place

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Mise en place [FR mi zã ‘plas] is a phrase which means putting in place, and is primarily used in professional kitchens to refer to the practice of organizing all of the ingredients for a recipe or meal beforehand. If you have ever watched a cooking show on TV, you notice that the chef has everything they need already separated, chopped, measured, etc. All of these components are arranged nicely, kept in little bowls within easy reach.


Mise en place is a very essential system for preplanning that can be adapted to your workday; it will greatly increase your productivity, and decrease your stress levels.


Think about what happens the minute you arrive at your desk at the start of your day:

  • You begin by checking your email and answering voicemails.
  • You perform tasks and activities that put you in a reactive mode.
  • You are overwhelmed by the day ahead of you.


Now imagine instead if you implemented mise en place:

  • You begin your day with a brief planning session.
  • You take an inventory of your entire day and put into place everything you need to accomplish, your most important tasks and activities that day.
  • You make sure that your workspace is organized so that everything you need is within arm’s reach, and whatever you do NOT need is out of the way.
  • You make an actionable list where every task starts with a verb.
  • You do your most difficult tasks first, and save the more menial tasks (the “clean up”) for later.


Implementing a mise en place approach to your work day and your work space will transform how you do business.


Try utilizing editorial calendars and “To Do” lists, and productivity apps such as BrightPod and RescueTime to keep yourself on track and keep each of your “ingredients” for the perfect business in their rightful places.


Like chefs everywhere, you may find that you become more focused and more productive when you start each day by putting everything in its place first.

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