YB2C Live! Episode #16: Detroit Farm and Garden–Brian Allnut

YB2C Live! Episode #16: Detroit Farm and Garden–Brian Allnut

Here in the Detroit area, spring is in the air, and our thoughts are turning to outside activities—finally! Our guest today is Brian Allnut, one of the owners of Detroit Farm and Garden (DFC), a organically-focused landscape store and urban agriculture resource center with the mission to provide quality gardening, farming, and landscape resources to communities in Detroit.

Brian is an experienced writer, urban agriculturalist, and entrepreneur who shares with us his journey to opening Detroit Farm and Garden, including his thoughts on moving to Detroit, the urban farming movement, and opening a store and resource hub in Southwest Detroit, an historic and culturally diverse Detroit neighborhood.

For more information about Brian Allnut and Detroit Farm and Garden:

(313) 655-2344

1759 21st St

Detroit, Michigan





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