YB2C Podcast Episode #30: BORO Resale and Consignment Shop

YB2C Podcast Episode #30: BORO Resale and Consignment Shop

Our special guest for Episode #30 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners is Miriam Pranschke, owner of BORO Resale and Consignment Shop in Detroit, Michigan. In this episode, Miriam joins us via the online meeting app Zoom to describe how she knew when she was still in college that she wanted to open a consignment store. After working for, and learning from other consignment store owners in Grand Rapids, Miriam and her husband decided to move to Detroit and open their own store downtown near the Eastern Market. Miriam talks about the benefits of living “above the store,” living and working in Detroit, what the name BORO means, how consignment and resale works, how she obtains items for her store, and the process for opening a retail establishment in Detroit.

You can download a full unedited transcript of this episode here: YB2C Live E

You can find out more about Miriam and the BORO Resale and Consignment store on Facebook and at the BORO website. BORO Resale is also active on Twitter and Instagram: @bororesale.

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