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I love that I am able to teach others all about freelancing and entrepreneurship, including branding and marketing their own companies, again merging my English and sales skills. Freelancers and entrepreneurs are often people who have to figure things out on their own without the backing or support of large marketing departments or enterprise operations.

Here at YB2C, we offer our clients a variety of communication, consulting, training, branding, marketing, social media, web design, and productivity services & nosotros hablamos español!


1. You don’t need to be on multi-platforms for your business to be successful.

2. You don’t need to spend all your time, or money, on social media advertising.

3. You don’t need to be an expert.

Imagine having someone not only ‘getting’ your business idea… but creating a super simple, clear action plan, a social media strategy – completely tailored to you –  to bring you fast results… this is where I can come in:

“Tell me and I’ll forget.
Teach me and I’ll remember.
Involve me and I learn.

— Benjamin Franklin


There’s a reason why you love what you do.

Let me show you how to get your message out there to your customers with

total ease.

Unique, just like you

No two businesses are the same which is why your strategy is completely bespoke to you! You have a unique style, let me draw that out and connect you to your customers. You are amazing! You just need to know how to market yourself…

I have four packages to suit your needs:


A 3 hour, action-packed session for you, to map out your marketing strategy online. Plus, you will also get 60 days of support after!

The Intensive 360 is a marketing strategy for those who want to leverage their business online, who want to learn fast and implement things into their business straight away. If you are an action taker, this is for you.

If you don’t want to spend hours on a long program or course, you are busy and want your marketing prepared and to miss the gaps. Find out more here.


Are you an established business and need to maximise your social media presence? Are you not getting the results you want from your social media marketing? Maybe you have a social media team in-house who want some training and need a fresh pair of eyes on your business to help you grow. Find out more here.


A rolling monthly membership, a private inner group  – for those who want fast progress in their business with their marketing on an ongoing basis. You know you need help and want to grab all the training you can but need to dip in and out in your own time that is convenient to you. Find out more…


Perfect Your Pitch is a part done for you (DFY), part mentoring service to help you come up with and write your perfect pitch to sell your services and offers with ease and simplicity! This is for you if you want someone to do it for you but you also want to learn to do it for yourself in the future.

If you KNOW that you have an INCREDIBLE offer, but you’re frustrated that no-one is buying and your messaging is not ‘speaking to people’. It’s making them think “oh yes, that’s nice” but not, “hell yes, I need that!”…

Find out more and book your slot.

“This isn’t just social media training,
it’s changing your mindset on how you market your business forever.”


I am here to help make life easy for you so you don’t end up staying stuck in overwhelm that could cost you time and money.


Here are just four small examples of online ‘marketing gone bad’:

1. The Follower Magnet – The small business owner who has built up thousands of followers on platforms like Instagram or Twitter but literally has nothing to sell. There are no links, no call to action, no sales page, no opt in, no offers and they wonder why they aren’t getting any customers.

2. The Superstore That’s Trying to Do It All – even the giant of all supermarket giants can sometimes get it wrong, you’d think that having a million dollar marketing budget and teams would make it easy for the customer. It’s ALL about the user journey. Could I buy a pair of socks for my little boy the other day on an online store? No, I was taken through to four different online departments, then another window popped up, I had to log back in, twice, then I simply gave up. I just wanted to buy the socks, ‘let me buy the socks’! I may start a protest… #IJustWantToBuyTheSocks

3. The Super Fancy Shiny, Yet Complicated Website – this is where some business owners get caught up in having everything in one place. In reality, the customer can spend hours (OK, minutes, but what feels like hours) hunting around the website trying to find something simple like the ‘contact us’ button and then just give up.

4. The Recommend An Expert On Social –  let’s say you are given someone’s name as a recommendation, you are excited to finally connect with them, you search for them but they haven’t got any links in their profiles, you don’t know the name of their business, they aren’t on google and you spend ages searching online and then give up.

There are so many other examples I could go on about, but I’m not here to be a negative Nancy. The bottom line is if your customer is feeling confused, they won’t come back and certainly won’t make a purchase. Your online presence is the first impression a customer gets; so make it a good one!

Plus, when you have someone else looking at your marketing, you get all inspired and excited by new innovative ideas that you hadn’t thought of before (after all, we can’t see our own blind spots)…

YB2C Premium: Branding and Marketing for the Rest of Us!