Consulting Packages

Private, One-on-One Consulting Programs

In my more than thirty years of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship experience, I have learned that business owners come to me because they are stuck in one or more areas. People are looking for proven branding strategies and marketing plans that they can learn and put into practice to attain the results they are seeking.

As you and I work together, we will refine your strategy, find solutions, make crucial decisions, and design a marketing plan, and set up action plans for you to implement.

Based on the five modules of the Your Business Your Brand Marketing System, I am offering customized 12-week consulting programs in three different focus areas:

  • Strategies for Business Planning: Designed for existing self-employed small business owners looking to develop a clear vision for their business model and want to expand or improve that vision. Choose any of the following areas of focus to take your business to the next level.
    1. Clarifying your business vision
    2. Exploring the right business model for your company
    3. Generating long-term goals and short-term action plans
    4. Setting prices to determine your revenue and expenses model
    5. Brainstorming new products and services
    6. Determining staffing needs
    7. Refining office efficiencies
  • Planning for Business Growth: Designed for existing business owners who are seeking detailed help in reviewing current marketing plans or creating new marketing plans to reach revenue goals and increase their business revenue. Choose any of the following focus areas to grow your business to the next level.
    1. Increasing your revenue and profits
    2. Reaching more potential clients or customers
    3. Getting known for your expertise
    4. Creating marketing goals, strategies, and campaigns
    5. Generating powerful marketing techniques to showcase your products and services
    6. Designing marketing materials
    7. Driving traffic to your business and website
    8. Determining which marketing techniques are working
  • Starting Your Business the Right Way: Designed for the self-employed business owner starting a new business. This is a customized step-by-step program designed to walk you through your entire business and marketing models to ensure that you have in place all of the components necessary to jump-start your business. At the end of the three-month program, you will have a business plan and marketing strategy to launch and grow your new business.

Each of these valuable customized consulting programs is priced at $3,000 for 12 weeks. A 2-part payment plan is available for $1,800 billed at project initiation and project midpoint. (Save 20% by paying in full!)

Private, One-on-One, One-Month Coaching Program

Sometimes, all you and your business need is a one-month jumpstart in one of the five modules of the YB2C Marketing System. This is where my 30-day coaching program comes into play for you.

The 30-day YB2C Coaching Program includes 3 90-minute coaching sessions based on your needs. You have a choice of three different programs:

Coaching for One of the Five Modules: Choose one of the five modules of the YB2C Marketing System to work with me in a “deep dive” over about 30 days.

Basic Business Apps: We will work together to set up basic apps for your business in the areas of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Accounting, and Invoicing. Although I have my favorites, I have worked with most of the most popular apps and will recommend the best app for your business.

This is What I Need: Based on your 30-minute consultation and your immediate needs, we will design a customized one-month coaching program for you.

Whichever 30-day program you choose, I will review your current documents and related information, and you will have “homework!” We can get a lot done in 30 days.

Each of these valuable customized coaching programs is priced at $1,000 for 30 days. The choice is yours.