There are two options right now, the first is that you have no idea that you needed an ISBN and the other one is that you’re aware that you need one but aren’t really sure why.

Let’s go back to basics, ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, which is a 10 or 13 digit number that is mandatory for all published books and is basically like a universal ID, and helps to identify things like its edition, publisher, format and other elements.

So, why do you need one? Well, here are 5 reasons to own your own ISBN.

 1.  Sales!  As an author, having an ISBN improves the chances your book will be found. ISBNs are how readers and buyers find your books, this provides good potential for sales, ISBN gives your books access to broader distribution channels.

2. It will help you with metadata and SEO in the long-termgiving you discoverability and visibility. Having an ISBN will make it easy for internet booksellers to associate all other metadata elements that describe your book and enable the internet this information so your book will be found easily.

3. It gives you the opportunity to open your own publishing house. If you’re planning or looking to create and develop your own publishing company, owning your own ISBN is a good idea.

 4. It protects your book. Let’s say that your book shares the same name or has a similar name with another one, the unique ISBN from your book will allow the reader to find the book they’re specifically looking for.

 5. Most bookstores will not sell a book that isn’t first listed within their warehouse database. If you want to get there, your books need to have a unique ISBN.

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