The YB2C Marketing System Modules

The Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C) Marketing System is a five-part learning program for creative and solo professionals, freelancers, and very small business owners.

Each module can be studied and implemented individually, or completed as a total package.

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The comprehensive YB2C Marketing System starts with the “big picture” of branding and marketing your business and moves you in a strategic and logical flow towards your branding and marketing goals with specific, achievable, and results-oriented tasks and activities:


  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Plan Templates
  • Worksheets
  • Assessments
  • Customized Consulting (2 hours total)

When you work through this marketing system with the assistance of the YB2C team, you will learn not only the “how”, but also the “what” and “why” by customizing your activities for your specific business. The only way to let people know what you have to offer and why they should invest in your products and services is to consistently and effectively market your products and services.

Module 1: Build Your Brand

When most people think of a brand, they think of the visual element they see: the logo, the tagline, a special sound, the special colors or a look that they recognize. Whatever you want people to think of when you see your brand, the point is the same: to connect the products and services of your company with people are looking for. When you take control of your brand, you are helping people to see you as you want to be seen and you are also helping prospective clients and customers to make the right purchasing decision: you and your company! As you work through this module with the YB2C team, you will be building a powerful brand for your business.

Module 2: Identify Your Clients and Customers

The most important thing you can do to market and grow your business is to define, and then find, your “ideal” client or customer. The second most important things you can do to market and grown your business is to develop your “tribe”: a closely related group of people, businesses, and organizations with whom you can have a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas, goods, and services. Your tribe will consist of your friends, your fans, and your followers. From these sources you will develop and grow an active and profitable client base for your creative business.

Module 3: Maximize Your Messaging

Marketing is all about communication with your prospects, clients, and customers.


  • What you say is important.
  • How you say what you say is more important.
  • When and Where you say what you say is the most important of all.


Not all conversations are equal. You cannot engage all of your customers or clients in the same way or even in the same conversation. In this module, and working with the YB2C team, you will develop a six-step communication plan to refine and define your marketing messages.

Module 4: Master Your Marketing

An effective marketing plan is like a GPS for your business. Working with the YB2C team, you will develop a foundation for your marketing plan, a roadmap for your marketing goals and objectives, and a route that includes the actions, marketing activities, and campaigns necessary for you to generate a successful marketing program.

In this module, you will work on the seven elements of a complete marketing plan:


  1. Your Business Goals
  2. Your Products and/or Services
  3. Your Pricing Models
  4. Your Marketing Strategy
  5. Your Marketing Activities and Campaigns
  6. Your Resources
  7. Your Marketing Timeline
Module 5: Shape Your Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the most challenging, confusing, and overwhelming marketing environments a business owner can face. Because social media marketing moves so fast and changes so much, this module will not be a step-by-step guide on how to use social media. Instead, this module will be an introduction to the structure, framework, and blueprint you need to make better decisions and using social media for your business.

Working with the YB2C team, you will learn the difference between social media and social business: the difference between marketing activity (the “what” and the “how”) and marketing strategy (the “why”).

  • Social media is the activity your company does online through various channels and communities.
  • Social business is about the developing the marketing strategy by focusing on using social media for your business growth.

Find how you can learn about marketing for your company:

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