For the months of September and October, YB2C Live! Is focusing on urban farmers and agribusinesses.  In this episode, Pam and Keith sit down with Malik Yakini of D-Town Farm.

D-Town Farm was founded by a collective of people all with a mission to create a comprehensive food policy in the city.

D-Town has a total of 7 acres, making it the largest urban farm in the city of Detroit, with solar energy,

three coop houses, and 30 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs currently growing on the farm.

  • Malik did not start in the farming world, but he has always been food minded.

  • Malik describes his journey from running a school in Detroit to becoming executive director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, all leading up to his work with D-Town.

  • Negotiation with City Council played a huge role in founding D-Town, says Malik.

  • Malik talks expansion since founding D-Town, including the addition of solar energy stations, internships, rain water collection, and the addition of a number of crops and coop houses.

  • Malik believes everyone relates to food somehow, even if they aren’t sticking their hands in the soil.

  • D-Town participates in “agri-tourism” and holds tours and a harvest festival to keep everyone in the community involved.

  • Malik talks food politics and policy in Detroit, and why it’s important that something is finally being done about it.

  • Malik and D-Town are a part of the ever growing agriculture movement in Detroit.

  • D-Town is helping return balance to the community through food, activities, and jobs for the people of Detroit.


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