In this episode, Pam and Keith conference with Stephanie Willis, founder of G.H. Soaps and Body Truth Brand products.

G.H. Soaps was founded in 2014 through an urban gardening program in the west side of Detroit, and has since expanded into the Body Truth Brand.

G.H. Soaps and Body Truth Brand use true organic, natural, plant-based ingredients that nourish the skin.

  • G.H. Soaps found its beginnings through a community gardening initiative located on the west side of Detroit.
  • Stephanie explains how she left her corporate job in search of something more meaningful, and found it through prayer and meditation. That something meaningful was G.H. Soaps.
  • True and honest ingredients, Stephanie says, are all that go into her products. She believes that only natural ingredients, such as shea butter, olive and coconut oil, and essential oils, should be in our soaps.
  • Stephanie talks the vigorous process of creating soap and her beginnings in soap sales at a holiday market.
  • Stephanie warns about false promises of beauty and wellness advertised by many companies whose soaps are made of hazardous materials that can harm one of our body’s most important organs: our skin.
  • Community outreach remains an important factor in Stephanie’s work, and she hopes to create opportunities for individuals in her community, especially youths.
  • Stephanie is looking to manufacture and sell her soaps worldwide, and has already had multiple inquiries about doing so.

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