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We record the podcast every Thursday from our studio in the Green Garage Detroit Co-Working Community in Midtown Detroit. Our guests are scheduled using the Acuity Scheduling app (affiliate link thanks!), and the podcast is recorded using the Zoom app. (affiliate link, thanks!).

Our special guest today is Liz Blondy, founder and owner of Canine to Five Dog Daycare in Detroit and Ferndale Michigan. In this episode, Liz tells us the story of how she, without a college education, without rich parents, and having never owned a business before, got the idea to start a dog daycare in Detroit. Hint: she is a very, very hard worker.

Liz was having dinner with friends in Midtown Detroit, and one friend who lives downtown drove 35 miles each every day to the suburbs for daycare for his dog. Liz thought to herself, why is there not a dog daycare facility in Detroit? That was in the fall of 2003 and by the spring of 2005, Canine to Five Midtown Detroit opened with Liz as its only employee. Liz has since expanded her business to two locations in Detroit and one in Ferndale, a suburb of Detroit.

Approaching her 13th anniversary of opening her business, Liz lets our listeners know that although being an entrepreneur is very hard work, it is totally worth it, and she believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur if they really make that decision. Canine to Five now also offers boarding, grooming, obedience classes for puppies and older dogs, and many community activities throughout the year. All of the information about all three locations, all of the services, and educational and informative articles are available on the website.

Liz talks about the happiness and excitement that goes along with owning her own business, and also about the challenges she’s experienced along the way. She also tells us how she finally got a dog for herself in lieu of an engagement ring!

Please click the player link to download and listen to this wonderful and informative interview with a successful entrepreneur who found a need and filled it—just like entrepreneurs everywhere.

I have been a customer of Canine to Five since it opened, and it was a pleasure for me to have Liz Blondy as my guest this week.

Canine to Five Dog Daycare Center

3443 Cass Avenue, Detroit MI 48201

(313) 831-3647



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